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გარემოს დაცვის პოლიტიკა


1. HERA-XXI acknowledges the adverse impacts that human activity can impose and take
actions to prevent harm and commits to the principles and environmentally friendly
practices. HERA-XXI complies with Georgia’s environmental policy, practices, regulations
and legislation.

Environmentally friendly practices
2. HERA-XXI ensures implementation of following environmentally friendly practices at
a) Reasonable use of printed paper, partly electronic filing to reduce paper consumption
b) Waste separation. collecting paper in the green box second hand for recycling
c) Restriction of tobacco smoking in the workplace
d) Disposal of medical waste/expired products in a special manner, in accordance with local
e) Reducing the consumption of natural resources in daily operations, including water, paper
and energy.
Approved Date: 2022

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