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უსაფრთხოებისა და უსაფრთხოების რისკების მართვის პოლიტიკა

Risk Management Policy

1. The Policy established by the Board and operationalized by the Executive Director
Communicated to employees, members and volunteers, as appropriate, to ensure that all risk
management processes and practices are carried out in accordance with it.

2. Risk management is an integral part of all continuous and dynamic processes within the
organization, encompassing its strategy development and implementation. It serves to
create and protect organizational value by employing systematic, structured, and timely
approaches. The process relies on the best available information and is tailored to meet the
specific requirements of the organization.
3. Major risks
I. Diverse Volunteer involvement
II. Effective Governance
III. Effective Program Management
IV. effective financial Management
V. Secure IT system
VI. External (Change in political environment terrorism / flood / fire / disease).

Risk Management Process

4. Effective risk management necessitates the establishment of a reporting and review structure
to ensure the identification and assessment of risks, as well as the implementation of
appropriate controls and responses. This structure should involve both the Governing Bodies
and Senior Management. Senior Management bears the responsibility of ensuring the
existence of an effective system for managing risks. The Governing Bodies assume the lead
role in reviewing the risk register and ensuring that Senior Management has devised suitable
plans to address risks where inadequate controls have been identified.
5. The Governing Body should approve a risk management policy.

6. Risk management should be integrated into the strategic planning process.
7. The organization should document the main risks it faces and establish controls to mitigate
their financial impact.
8. Senior Management should promote a systematic and consistent approach to risk by ensuring
that risks are assessed and considered as part of the day-to-day management of the
9. Senior Management should ensure the implementation of controls to minimize the financial
impact of risks

Reviewed & Updated Date: 2021

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