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მოხალისეობრივი პოლიტიკა

1. HERA-XXI is a volunteer-based organization.


2. Volunteer: A volunteer undertakes a service or activity without pay for the benefitof the
community, the environment, and persons other than close relatives or thosewithin the
Guiding Principles to Volunteering at HERA-XXI

3. A volunteer in HERA-XXI shares and upholds the organization’s mission, vision and
values and offers his or her time, knowledge, skills, resources (financial, material, etc.)
and experience free of charge to a Member Association and other levels of the
organization. Volunteers do so with the aim of making a difference to their community
and improving the sexual and reproductive health, rights, and well-being of the people
the Association exists to serve.
4. HERA-XXI recognises volunteers as those involved at all levels of the organization and
in different capacities;
5. Volunteers who wish to participate in the governing process of the organization can
register and become members of the Association.
6. The amount of time volunteers invest in the work of HERA-XXI will depend upon their
interest, the role they undertake and the needs of the Member Association. Some
people will volunteer every day, some will volunteer for a few hours a week and some
will volunteer for one-off events and activities. Some volunteers will wish to contribute
their efforts at the local community level for example as peer educators, clinic
volunteers, trainers, administrative support etc.
7. As a volunteer-based organization, HERA-XXI is committed to expanding and developing
its volunteer base through engaging volunteers in a meaningful way. This volunteer
engagement includes effective youth participation and promotion of a youth centered
approach at all levels.
8. Volunteers play a vital role in engaging and mobilizing activists to generate greater
public support for SRHR issues.

Policy Implementation

9. HERA XXI volunteers and staff should:
I. Ensure a positive image of the organization and its work in order to help in
attracting prospective volunteers and appeal to them to contribute to its cause.
II. Develop and promote throughout the organization a global volunteer identity
and movement whereby volunteers feel globally connected.
III. Collaborate with other volunteer and international agencies, as required.
IV. Continue to engage young people as leaders at all levels of the organization
volunteering including in governance.
Reviewed& Approved Date: 2021

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